About these blogposts

This blog archives posts written by Swarna Rajagopalan for the MacArthur Foundation’s Asia Security Initiative between 2009 and 2011. The original blog has been closed so here is some information about the Initiative and its blog, taken from an archived version of their website.

In 2009, the MacArthur Foundation created the Asia Security Initiative (ASI) network of 27 institutions from around the world. With the Foundation’s support, over the next three years these institutions will develop their policy research capacity and recommend policies on the most important security challenges facing Asia-Pacific nations.

* Regional Security Cooperation: The ASI network will advise policymakers on how to better use multilateral institutions, bilateral relationships, and alliances to prevent conflict, manage differences, and foster peace and security.

* Northeast Asia: The ASI network will develop actionable plans for international cooperation to decrease tensions over North Korea and Taiwan and between Northeast Asian nations.

* Internal Challenges: The ASI network will recommend international cooperation to help Asia-Pacific nations manage internal challenges, including, for example, competition over scarce resources, natural disasters, or outbreaks of violent conflict.

The blog was part of their extended outreach efforts.

The website is now only accessible through Cache searches and the posts are no longer searchable. This is an attempt to make them available once more.

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